CTOD was formed in 2004 to evaluate the first generation of transit-oriented development (TOD) projects that emerged in the late 1990s and to make the case for TOD the preferred alternative to urban sprawl. In its formative years, the CTOD built its reputation by producing groundbreaking work that helped to frame the discussion around TOD including The New Transit Town, which made the transition between the 1990s approach to TOD and a more holistic market driven approach that would move the practice forward in the 21st century; and “Hidden in Plain Sight” which was the first report to document the magnitude of demand for transit oriented housing in the U.S.

Since then, CTOD has raised the profile of TOD and built consensus among a growing body of stakeholders that through the appropriate policy, programmatic, and fiscal interventions, TOD can deliver on the promise of using resources more efficiently, creating more affordable living and disposable income, and catalyzing private investment.

Below is a timeline of our major accomplishments as a group along with links to the reports. (Additional information on these projects is available here.)

CTOD Publications by Year
Year Document Name
2002 Transit-Oriented Development: From Rhetoric to Reality
2004 TOD in the USA
2004 Hidden in Plain Sight: Capturing the Demand for Housing Near Transit
2004 The New Transit Town: Best Practices in Transit-Oriented Development
2004 National TOD Database
2005 MTC TOD Policy
2005 BART TOD Real Estate Policy
2005 Creative Financing for Seattle's South Lake Union Streetcar
2005 Value Capture: How to Get a Return on Invesment in Transit and TOD
2006 Communicating the Benefits of TOD: The City of Evanston's Transit Oriented Redevelopment
2006 Preserving and Promoting Diverse Transit-Oriented Neighborhoods
2006 The Affordability Index: A New Tool for Measuring the True Affordability of a Housing choice
2006 Street Smart: Streetcars and Cities in the 21st Century
2006 TOD & Economic Development White Papers
2006 Denver TOD Typology and Strategic Plan
2007 Twin Cities TOD Toolkit
2007 TOD 101: Why TOD? Why Now?
2007 Realizing the Potential: Expanding Housing Opportunities Near Transit
2007 TOD Case Studies: Implementation In Low-Income, Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods
2007 MTC Station Area Planning Manual
2007 Making the Case for Mixed Income TOD in the Denver Region
2007 TCRP 128: Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, Travel
2008 Realizing the Potential: One Year Later
2008 TOD 202: Transit and Employment
2008 Destinations Matter: Building Transit Success
2008 Capturing the Value of Transit
2008 TOD 202: Station Area Planning
2008 Mixed Income TOD Action Guide
2008 Financing Transit-Oriented Development
2009 Mixed Income Housing TOD Action Guide
2009 TOD 201: Mixed Income Housing Near Transit
2009 Twin Cities Connecting Transportation and Land Use Systems
2009 Central Maryland TOD Strategy: A Regional Action Plan for Transit-Centered Communities
2009 TOD: Making It Happen
2010 Los Angeles TOD Typology and Case Study Project
2010 Transit-Oriented Development and the Potential for VMT-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions
2010 TOD 203: Transit Corridors and TOD
2010 Performance Based Transit Oriented Development Typology Guidebook
2010 CDFIs and Transit Oriented Development
2010 Transit-Oriented Development Tools for Metropolitan Planning Organizations
2011 Transit-Oriented Development Strategic Plan for Metro TOD Program
2011 Connecting West Corridor Communities: An Implentation Strategy for TOD
2011 Rails to Real Estate: Development Patterns Along Three New Transit Lines
2011 Transit Revitalization Investment Districts: Opportunities and Challenges for Implementation
2011 TOD 204: Planning for TOD at the Regional Scale
2011 Reinvesting in Pittsburgh's Neighborhoods: The Case for Transit-Oriented Development
2011 Transit and Regional Economic Development
2011 Transit-Oriented Development and Employment
2012 TOD 205: Families And Transit-Oriented Development – Creating Complete Communities For All
2013 Infrastructure Financing Options for Transit-Oriented Development (EPA Website)
2013 Downtowns, Greenfields and Places In Between: Promoting Development Near Transit
2013 Transit-Oriented Development Typology Strategy for Allegheny County
2013 Making It Happen: Opportunities and Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development in the Knowledge Corridor