Fact-Based Research and Tools

CTOD develops empirically driven research about the impact and integration of transit within communities. Our data-specialized tools and methods of analysis are related to all facets of TOD, from economic impacts to equity and demographic change. CTOD tools, ranging from the TOD Database to our recently published Performance Based TOD Typology Guidebook are diverse and useful to practitioners working at all scales of governance.

The National TOD Database

TOD Database
The TOD Database provides easily accessible demographic and economic data for over 4,000 fixed guideway transit stations in the United States. CTOD has helped numerous regions around the country summarize and interpret this data. All of the data is available online at toddata.cnt.org

The Performance-Based TOD Typology Tool

Performance Based Typology
The Performance Based Typology is a user-friendly tool that allows anyone to identify strategies for making land use choices based on empirical data that support active transportation such as walking, biking, and transit. This tool considers the effect of a number of characteristics on travel behavior, including density, urban form, transit connectivity, and mix of land uses. CTOD is currently working on tailoring this tool for use in a number of regions.

See our CTOD Papers and Publications and CTOD Plans and Strategies for additional fact-based research and tools developed by the Center for Transit-Oriented Development.