CTOD makes information on transit-oriented development (TOD) accessible to a broad range of audiences, and serves as a repository of best practices and ongoing TOD activities from around the country. We communicate through brief publications introducing TOD planning and implementation concepts; regular webinars on issues such as employment and transit, value capture, mixed-income TOD; presentations at major national conferences and locally hosted events; and respond to requests for information.

Regular Webinars

CTOD regularly hosts webinars to support the integration of the transportation, land use, sustainability, and housing fields. We partner with groups from around the country to host these webinars, in order to reach a broad audience. We bring together issue experts to present on the most innovative work from around the country.

As an example, here's the recording from the "Making Joint Development Work: the Federal, Transit Agency and Business Perspective " held Feb. 13, 2012:

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Conference and Convening Presentations

CTOD Staff regularly speak at regional and national convenings on subjects related to TOD. Staff have spoken in regions ranging in size from Washington D.C. and San Francisco, to Burlington, VT and Fort Wayne, IN.

Requests for Information

CTOD acts as a “one-stop-shop” for information on best practices, research and data supporting transit-oriented development. We have provided assistance to transit agencies, MPO’s, cities, states, congressional staff, DOT and HUD staff, national non-profits, community-based groups, faith-based groups, and academics from around the country. Contact us for TOD-UCATION at

Our TOD 100 and 200 Series